Maven of Creative Trades

“Discover your passion. Unlock your imagination. Exceed expectations. Express yourself. And paint outside the lines every once in a while. It’s up to you to recognize all your prospects, unique stature, and value in creating the greatest masterpiece of all, you. Life is your canvas and you are the artist, grab a brush.”Ashley E. Nicholson (Me)

Ohio University Alum with a Bachelor Degree of Science of Communication. I specialized in Scripps: Organizational Communication with a Related Area in Advertising Management, Marketing and Business. I studied at E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, one of the top 5 Journalism Schools in the country, for Advertising Management.  Unfortunately I was 3 class shy of a double major. I was apart of Greek Life, ΔΓ, and an avid member of OU Ad Association!

“You couldn’t truly understand what being a Bobcat really means, unless you’ve lived it, learned it, and loved every minute of it…And that’s exactly what we did.” -Athens News

I enjoy keeping up on the trends in music & fashion. I love athletics, adventure and good food-but it’s gotta be gluten free! -I recently had to transition to the gluten/allergy-free’s been a challenge but I’ve found some great information that I hope will help others ease into this lifestyle easier than I did, stay tuned for the allergy-corner updates!

This is a collective forum of my experiences, information and gems I believe everyone should try at least once!

My Bucket List:
Backpack Europe
Learn the Tango
Go Paintballing
Go Skydiving
Learn to Sail


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