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I dedicate this section of my blog to all you suffering or know someone suffering from, regular allergies, food allergies, asthma and eczema, as well as those wanting to become educated on the topic.

The allergy corner is all about my transition into a Maize, Wheat, Almond, Peanut, and Cherry-free lifestyle. For those suffering from food intolerance/allergies you maybe able to relate to my story, when it comes to some of the struggles your challenged with everyday. I also hope you will find some useful information for yourself with the tips and tricks that I’ve found to be helpful in my transition.

My Goal is to consolidate all the information that I’ve found into one place and sharing my success stories in shopping, cooking, places, products, websites, recipes, etc., that I recommend for someone like me.

I’ve found that there isn’t a lot of information on corn/maize allergies, so that’s one of the main reasons I decided to create this forum, especially paired with my other allergies. Just because it says Gluten-Free, doesn’t mean I can eat it! Corn is the most common substitution for Gluten, my worst nightmare! But I’ve found with the right substitutions I can still eat all of my favorite dishes…but it requires a lot of cooking, I’ve found very few things I can eat out, but I always check to see if they have any GF options!

Happy reading!

My Best,


The New Lifestyle
GF & Allergy Apps 
GF Cosmetics
What is GF? GF Safe & Unsafe Ingredient List
Corn-Free Unsafe List & Substitutes
Peanut Allergy Unsafe Ingredient List
Almond Allergy: Unsafe Ingredients

What’s left? MFGF Safe Ingredients, Foods & Brands 
What can you drink? MFGF & Unsafe Alcohol
MFGF & Allergy Cookbooks 


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