Women Entrepreneurs’ Coffee

Nashville’s Entrepreneur Center hosts a monthly meet up, every 4th Tuesday from 7:30A -8:30A. The event is hosted by Beth Chase and sponsored by C3 Consulting. Nashville’s women’ business leaders will be meeting to discuss issues for women’s businesses and ways to encourage the formation and launch of high-growth women-led businesses.

“The entrepreneur center is an invaluable resources for Nashville’s deep pool of entrepreneurial talent. This is a place where ambitious risk takers can develop a pathway for bringing their dreams to fruition, while creating jobs in the process.” – Mayor Karl Dean

Guest speaker for this month’s event, Jane Allen, Counsel on Call. If you are thinking about starting your own business or already have your own business here are some great take aways from today’s event.



“No matter how big your company gets…don’t let your process get in the way of your customers experience.”

“Hire great people and people that fit into your company’s culture.”

“A little sleep and a lot of prayer, is the life of an entrepreneur.”

“You want your staff to be like a box of crayons, all different, specialists and complement one another.”

“The life of entrepreneurs: Desperation makes you bold. Tasks Risks.”


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