Falling Whistles: The Face Campaign, Just A Face Can Change The World…Yours!

STOP what you are doing & take a few minutes to ——-> READ <——- my write up about Falling Whistles! FW is touring around and speaking up for Peace, during their Nashville visit, I got the chance to hear Yves Muya tell his story and learn about their new initiative, The Face Campaign. Your face can truly change the world, just use FW+FACES App on your iPod, iPhone, iPad! I was moved and empowered by the efforts put forth by this non-profit organization. Falling Whistles is advocating for Peace in Congo, and so should you, it’s one of the deadliest wars of our time. Find them, Follow them, and Do your part, be sure to stay updated on the efforts toward Peace in the Congo! Be a Whistle Blower for Peace!

All Most Famous & Falling Whistles! Britt Johnson, Yves Muya, Danielle Kimmey, & Ashley Nicholson

My First Whistle! "Bronze"

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-Ashley Nicholson, Social Media for All Most Famous


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