Falling Whistles: The Face Campaign

“There are no pictures, words, or social media platforms that can accurately describe an experience with the Falling Whistles crew. “Find them, follow them, and do your part.” -Britt Johnson of All Most Famous. I feel Britt said it best, this was my first Falling Whistles event and let me tell you I was moved and empowered. I couldn’t wait to get involved in spreading the word for Peace in Congo. I jumped at the opportunity to purchase my first whistle and get my picture taken for the Face Campaign.

Falling Whistles’ new initiative, the Face Campaign, combines the social media movement with the fundamentals of petitioning to create a global demonstration for Peace in Congo. They were empowered by the first mass petition in 1783, when England’s Abolitionists gathered signatures to show their leaders that the people wanted an end to slavery. Falling Whistles wants to make the same kind…

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