allergy corner: gf and allergy apps

Some of them you’ll have to buy, but they are totally worth it. Before I had these apps I was taking out the lists I had made of the safe and dangerous ingredients. It took forever to manually look them up on my pages. Now I have the convenience of looking up ingredients, products and restaurants at my fingertips.

My Apps

GF Groceries App
“We know you want to get right down to business -grocery shopping! But gluten-free shopping can be complicated. Here are some useful tips. Oh, and by the way, GF is our abbreviation for ‘gluten-free.’ Once you download the app you can find the following below under the How to Use This App:

  • How to find products with the App
  • If a product isn’t listed
  • symbols key
  • using this product list (in depth)
  • General Tips for Shopping
  • Overview for Food Labeling Laws
  • Limitations of the Guide
It’s split into categories which is great, so if I’m looking for something sweet, I can look in snacks & convenience foods and figure out what I want!

Allergy Guard App

It’s great because you make your profile of all your allergies or things you don’t want to include in your diet. If you have more than one person who has allergies you can keep different profiles for each person. The app then displays a green check mark by all the things you can and a red ! by all the things you cannot have. You can look up ingredients or products to see if you are able to consume them or not.

Is that Gluten Free? App & Is that Gluten Free? Eating Out App

Another great tool for shopping or eating out you can look it up by category, brand and check out the ingredients. For the eating out app, there is a verified and unverifiable list of popular restaurants and what items you can get.

Eating Out G-Free: Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s App

  • G-Free Menu: Choose restaurants in your area that offer G-free options.
  • What to Avoid: When ordering of a menu be wary of these preparation terms.
  • How to Order: Make sure the waiter and the kitchen know exactly what you want
  • My Dietary Restrictions: Specific items I need to avoid.
  • About the Book: Want to know more about living G-Free? Take a look!
Allergy Eats App
It’s an online guide to Allergy Friendly Restaurants, find restaurants near you.
ShopWell App
It scores products based on your age range, gender, and how well the product meets your ingredient and nutrition preferences. Scores range from 0-100 and are bucketed into three categories:
  • Green: Strong Match for you
  • Yellow: Medium Match for you
  • Red: Weak Match for you
When using this app you can browse by category, search and scan products.
Try them out and let me know how you like them!

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